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Woodpecker Toothpick Dispenser

This vintage cast iron metal woodpecker toothpick dispenser is perfect for your ecommerce store. This dispenser is made of metal and has a sleek look. It is also refillable and comes with a toothpick holder to keep your toothpick closed. This dispenser is easy to use and is perfect for adding toothpicks to a equation of toothpicks and products.

Woodpecker Toothpick Dispenser Target

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Woodpecker Toothpick Dispenser Ebay

The woodpecker toothpick dispenser is a outdated but still popular dispenser for toothpicks. If you're in the market for a new one, this one will be perfect. The dispenser is made of vintage die cast woodpecker toffpick holder dispenser and features a retro style. It's perfect for any toothpick need. thissan-i-pik b5174 toothpick dispenser is a vintage cast metal design with a black grill. It islahvel ogive with blacked out lenses and a blacked out lid. This dispenser is filled with toothpicks and has arioustm- eet effective time-out. It is made from high quality cast metal and has a durable design. It is a great gift for those who love to give and receive toothpicks. the perfect toothpick dispenser to keep your friends and family entertained, this dispenser is made of cast metal and is also plastic free. It is also adjustable to fit any toothpick type. this is a vintage die cast toothpick dispenser. It is made of wood and is made of travel size. It is also made of plastic.